samedi 4 août 2007

05 Défense de l'avocat des accusés

These things thus premised touching Hudsons exposing,
and Gods just judgements on the Exposers,
as Pricket hath related (whom they reserved as it thought, in hope
by Sir Dudley Digges his Master to procure their pardon at their returne)
I thought good to adde that which I have further received
from good Intelligence,
that the Ship comming aground at Digges Iland, in 52. degrees 44. minutes,
a great flood came from the West and set them on floate :
an argument of an open passage from the South Sea to that,
and consequently to these Seas.
The Weapons and Arts which they saw,
beyond those of other Savages are arguments hereof.
Hee which assaulted Pricket in the Boate,
had a weapon broad and sharpe indented of bright Steele
(such they use in Java)
riveted into a handle of Morse tooth.

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