samedi 4 août 2007

07 Lettre d'Islande à Master Mackam

ster Macham, I heartily commend mee unto you, &c.
I can write unto you no newes, though I have seene much,
but such as every English fisherman haunting
these Coasts can report better then my selfe.

Wee kept our Whitsunday in the North-east of Island;
and I thinke I never fared better in England then wee feasted there.
They of the Countrey are very poore, and live miserably :
yet we found therein store of fresh Fish and daintie Fowle.
I my selfe in an after-noone killed so much Fowle,
as feasted all our Companie, being three and twentie persons at one time,
onely with Partridges; beside Curlue, Plover, Mallard, Teale, and Goose.
I have seene two hot Bathes in Island, and have beene in one of them.
Wee are resolved to trie the uttermost, and lye onely expecting a faire winde,
and to refresh our selfes to avoyd the Ice, which now is off the West Coasts,
of which wee have seene whole Ilands, but God bee thanked,
have not beene in danger of any.
Thus I desire all your prayers for us.
From Island this thirtieth of May, 1610.

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